Fabrício’s Topazio

A viscous coffee with a 4/5 strength and tasting notes of hazelnut, brown sugar, apple, biscuit, and chocolate.

Personal, from field to cup.

Who is Fabrício?

We know, we know, we’ve strayed a little with the naming of this one but we really wanted to get across just how personal a coffee this is to us and shed a little light on the people behind the beans. While all of our coffees have full traceability, this is the first time we’ve been able to work directly with a specific farm so it’s very exciting for us!

Fabrício Andrade is one of the chief farmers at the Fazenda Samambaia coffee farm in Brazil. He has been around coffee for the majority of his life and has spent many years cultivating his knowledge on how to ensure top quality and sustainability of the coffee plants, while also ensuring the welfare of the 51 permanent employees and families who make each harvest possible.

Everyone at the Samambaia coffee farm are driven by their passion for excellence and harvesting coffee cherries in a way that is beneficial for both the local community and the environment. Over the years the farm has won several international awards for their varieties of coffee, including Cup of Excellence. 

Here at Northern Edge, we put people at the heart of our business just a much as we do coffee, and we strive to find new ways to ensure our product doesn’t have a detrimental effect on our planet. When Fabrício approached us, we were delighted to discover how well his ethics lined up with our own and as such we are thrilled to be working directly with him. Through our working closely with Fabrício, the Fazenda Samambaia coffee farm is able to reap greater profits for their harvest which is fed straight back into their local community, and this personal relationship means we are able to provide you, our customer, with a personal insight into the journey from field to cup.

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