Consistency is key when it comes to roasting coffee, which is why we make every effort to ensure all our roasts are true to form. To do so, we roast in small batches on our 12kg Probat Roaster, allowing us to pay close attention to detail and ensuring the taste of our coffee does not differ from batch to batch.

In addition, we firmly believe that there should only be one person who roasts, which is Dan, our sole roaster. Under Dan's watchful eye, each of our blends is roasted to its peak, bringing out each bean's unique characteristics and taste.


We take pleasure in taste-testing every batch of our coffees before it leaves the Northern Edge roastery, even ahead of it being served in our own Coffee House.

From field to cup, we like to keep things here at Northern Edge Coffee as environmentally friendly and economically sustainable as possible, which is why we strive every step of the way to do right by the environment and coffee farmers around the globe. 


While it would be easy for us to order in any old speciality green beans in a bid to turn a profit, we purchase our green beans from Falcon Coffees, a coffee origin specialist which strives to increase the flow of revenue to farmers and their communities.Falcon Coffees always ethically source their coffees and purchase green beans well above the production rate, no matter the world price of coffee, making for a fair and sustainable trade for the farmers who grow the crop.

To keep things environmentally friendly, we recycle all of our used coffee grounds and the coffee skins that are shed during the roasting process. All this would-be waste is rich in nitrogen. So, instead of throwing it away like many roasters do, we compost it, feeding it back into the earth.


Where we can, we like to raise funds for local charities. We have donated to a wide variety of charities these past five years and presently our chosen charity is the Great North Air Ambulance Service.

Northern Edge Coffee
7 Silver Street
Berwick upon Tweed
TD15 1HU
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Tel: 01289 306892

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