Enjoy three of our most popular blends for a special price of just £22.50. This trio of 250g bags includes Coffee Harry, Three Bridges, and Devil's Cave.


Coffee Harry - A tangy, medium roast with hints of light citrus and tropical fruits, with a 4/5 strength.


Three Bridges - A light roast which is rated 3/5 for strength. It creates a smooth coffee with a mellow and sweet taste combined with hints of chocolate and citrus fruits. Made using 1/3 Colombian, 1/3 Indonesian and 1/3 Brazilian coffee beans.


Devil's Cave - A fiery, medium to dark roast with hints of cashew, pineapple, and apple. It creates a juicy cup with a 4/5 strength, made using 100% Guatamalan coffee beans.

Coffee Trio 750g

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