This sampler features 3 x 125g bags of our speciality coffee - Jimmy Strength, Three Bridges and Devil's Cave. These three blends have been longstanding members of the Northern Edge rosta and are firm favourites among our customers. This is the perfect introduction to Northern Edge Coffee and would make an ideal gift. 


Jimmy Stregnth - A medium to dark roast coffee that creates a full bodied espresso with a smooth, creamy head with chocolate and citrus after-taste, which is 4/5 in strength.


Three Bridges  - A light roast which is rated 3/5 for strength. It creates a smooth coffee with a mellow and sweet taste combined with hints of chocolate and citrus fruits.


Devil's Cave - A fiery, medium to dark roast with hints of cashew, pineapple, and apple. It creates a juicy cup with a 4/5 strength.

Northern Edge Sampler 375g

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