New for 2021 is our Silver Street blend. A medium roast single origin coffee from Honduras rated 4/5 for strength. With distinct hints of chocolate and hazelnut, the coffee offers a smooth spice with an aftertaste of cinnamon. Exclusive to our website and Silver Street itself.


Behind the name: Silver Street is one of the many streets which are bursting with history in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Known as Hidegate in medieval times, the street was once occupied in part as an Austin Friary which was disbanded before the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 1530s. More recently it has been known for housing Border Brewery and later a car showroom. Beneath a number of houses which run along the street lies a cellar, now largely disused but once intertwined with the various enterprises housed above. In the Second World War, the cellar was used as an air raid shelter.


We were delighted to take up residence in Silver Street in early 2020 and it was our pleasure to help bring a disused building back to life. Along the way we had an incredible amount of help and support, something we will be forever grateful for and thus we wanted to honour this historic street in our latest blend.

Silver Street