Three Bridges

A light roast which is rated 3/5 for strength. It creates a smooth coffee with a mellow and sweet taste combined with hints of chocolate and citrus fruits.

Our mildest roast.

Why Three Bridges?

Three Bridges is named in honour of Berwick-upon-Tweed’s trio of historic crossings: The Old Bridge, The Royal Tweed Bridge, and The Royal Border Bridge, which were built in 1611, 1925 and 1850 respectively to provide passage across the River Tweed. The name Three Bridges is reflected in the roast itself seeing as it is created using a trio of coffee beans.

Can you pick the three bridges out of our beautifully designed logo? Complete with a  gorgeous swan and a few seagulls, both of with are synonymous with our quirky town!

Northern Edge Coffee
7 Silver Street
Berwick upon Tweed
TD15 1HU
Mob: 07955 810894

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