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Cupping with our Speciality Importer

This past week we have been working closely with Riley from our coffee importer Falcon Speciality.

We have cupped some truly fantastic coffees, with the standout bean being a lovely Rwanda coffee which we will hopefully be using for our next limited blend.

Cupping Session

If you would like to come and sample our coffees and learn more about our ethically sourced beans, drop us an email at

As the Autumn starts to draw in, it's time we started making time for Christmas. This past week we've been drawing up plans for our Christmas Christmas hampers which we will be selling online from 1st November, so keep an eye out for early bird offers which we will be sending out to our mailing list.

check out the rainbow I caught on my way home last night,

Rainbow over Rainy Berwick

Speciality Coffee Roasters


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