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Hello Autumn!

Whew! What a busy summer we've had! Between several festivals, a number of weddings and other private events, plus our usual orders, we've been rushed off our feet here in the roastery. Good job we've got plenty of coffee to keep us fuelled!

As much as we've enjoyed our busy spell, we're all looking forward to the autumn which brings it's own excitement. We're autumn people here - cold days and hot coffee just go hand in hand, right? But more than that, we've got lots of exciting news for you!

First off, a quick thank you to everyone who's supported us since we opened, and particularly this past year. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of our opening at our larger roastery here in the Ramparts, Berwick, and we couldn't be happier with how the year has gone. The larger space has allowed us to ensure a better service for all our customers, wholesale and individual alike, it's allowed us to open up our own small shop here in the roastery, and we're now starting to use the extra space to throw some coffee related events - more info to follow. Plus, we're no longer stepping on each others' toes which is always a bonus!

On October 17th we will be hosting our very first Speciality Cupping Evening. This intimate, two hour event will offer a unique insight into where our coffee comes from. As well as being able to cup some of the freshest crops of coffee, you'll also be able to meet Dan, our roaster, and Riley, one of our chief green bean importers, and they'll guide you through the coffee journey from field to cup. Included in the ticket price will be a supper of locally produced nibbles as well as some local craft beer, plus a bag of your favourite blend to take home. Tickets can be bought through or website or direct from our roastery.

In November, we will be hosting Cattle & Cane on their Navigator tour. This unique event, held in our roastery, will be a fantastic night of live music and the first of it's kind which we've held. More information can be found on our facebook page.

We won't say much as we know it's far too early for Christmas talk yet but the wheels have been put in motion for lots of exciting plans this December. From markets to gifts, we're gearing up for our most festive Christmas to date. It's just 86 days for those of you who are counting!

And last but not least, this week we will be roasting the first batch of our latest Limited Blend. We've ventured east for this one and are bringing you. very exciting coffee from Myanmar. We'll let you all know once it's live on the website, or, if you'd like to nab a bag ahead of general release, take a look at joining our Edge Club via the Shop page!

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