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Coffee House Update!

Exciting times are ahead as we put the final touches on the Coffee House ahead of opening! We're not going to broadcast the date yet (sorry to keep you in suspense!) but we do have a date in mind for opening inside alongside our existing take-away service, and, (spoiler alert!) it's very soon!

We just want to assure all our wonderful customers that we're making everyone's health and safety our first priority. All our tables inside have been socially distanced and we will of course be following a strict cleaning regime between guests. Our team have been fantastic and really know their stuff when it comes to Covid-19 protection, and we will continuously be doing training on the subject too.

As you know, we could have opened on July 4th like many places did however we wanted to hold off a little longer to put in place as many safety measures as we could, allowing you to enjoy your coffee without the worry.

Keep your eyes on our social media as the countdown to opening will be broadcast there very soon!

Until then, you can of course order all your favourite blends through our website. Enjoy!

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