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The Perfect Coffee

Hello again!

What a few months it's been! We've been incredibly busy getting our coffee house ready while still keeping up with all your coffee needs throughout lockdown. The entire team cannot thank you all enough for your support and we've loved being able to provide a bit of normality for our coffee loving friends throughout this abnormal time. Now that normality is slowly creeping back, we thought we'd give you a quick update on what we're up to.

First up, the coffee house, because we know it's been very much anticipated. We want to put our staff and customers' safety first and therefore will be holding off on inviting you inside for a short while longer. Thankfully we are fortunate enough to have a large, outside space which we've set up with picnic tables and a socially distance queueing system, making it perfect for enjoying your coffee in the summer sun. We're also fortunate enough to be just a minutes walk from some truly beautiful picnic spots, and we know a lot of people have loved being able to sip their coffee with a view of the lighthouse or sitting on the town walls. As well as our coffee (which, we're proud to say, is never more than a day old when served!), we've got a delicious lineup of toasted flatbreads, filled baguettes, milkshakes made with Doddington Dairy ice cream, and of course Ruth's fabulous tray-bakes. While visiting, be sure to pick up a bag of our coffee to take the taste of Northern Edge home with you too. Opening hours are 7.30am-5.00pm Monday-Saturday, and 9.00am-4.00pm Sunday.

It's July, which means we've got a new Limited Blend for you all. This quarter we've got a Kenyan bean in the roaster which is a medium, earthy roast with strong hints of chocolate and orange. Due to a few Covid related delays it's not on the website quite yet but will be very soon. In addition, Fabricio's Topazio which has been out of stock these past few months, will also be back on the lineup in the next few weeks, something we're extremely excited about! Keep an eye on our social media for announcements on when both are available.

We were excited to host our first evening event at the coffee house last weekend. To celebrate two years of takeaway coffees we held a little Northern Edge Lockout in our outdoor space. We cannot thank everyone who attended enough. You were amazingly respectful of all the safety rules and were so supportive of what we're trying to do.

We'll not bore you with anymore for now but once again want to say a huge thank you for all your support these past five years and especially the past few months. Your love of coffee has allowed us to grow our business in exciting ways and we've loved being able to have some new faces join our team as we prepare for the next exciting phase.

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