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Kenya - pre order

We have some exciting new coffees coming in which sees the return of Kenya and also a new Tanzania, both coffees are due to land on 2nd April and are available for pre-order now as we have very limited stock.

We have struggled to get a hold of kenyan coffees the past year as it has been in short supply due to drought and politics in kenya, rest assured though that all of our coffees are ethically sourced and meet the speciality grade of 85 points or above.

Our new limited blend Tanzania which has replaced the Rwanda will also be available for pre order and is expected in on 2nd April, if you would like more information on how we source our coffees check out Falcon Speciality

Kenya AB

We only source and roast speciality coffee, from farm to cup we are fully traceable all the way and our integrity is at the heart of how we operate.

If you would like to visit our roastery or just simply ask a question feel free to contact us.

You can follow us on Twitter @NorthernEdge_ or on Facebook for our latest updates and events.

Dan The Roaster

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